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Glenn Renshaw. MGA.-  Sprint 1st Ric Collett MGA - Sprint 2nd and Regularity 1st Mike Ellsmore MGA - Sprint 3rd Leon Howell MGA - Regularity 2nd David Hutchings MGA - Regularity 3rd
Andrew Cornish MGB Class 1 - Sprint 1st, Regularity 1st John Kelso MGB Class 1 - Sprint 2nd, Regularity 3rd Ron Ghiggino MGB Class 1 - Sprint 3rd, Regularity 2nd Frank Oostermeyer MGB Class 2 - Sprint 1st Ian Prior MGB Class 2 - Sprint 2nd, Regularoty 2nd Bryan Gibson MGB Class 2 - Sprint 3rd
Don Woods MGB Class 2 - Regularity 1st (1st Outright) Kevin Machelak MGB Class 2 - Regularity 3rd Greg White Specials Post TF - Sprint 1st (1st Outright), Regularity 3rd Aubrey Paverd Specials Post TF - Sprint 2nd (3rd Outright), Regularity 1st Gavin McHugh Specials Post TF - Sprint 3rd Graeme Adams Specials Post TF - Regularity 2nd
Alistair Traylen Super Specials - Sprint 1st (2nd Outright), Regularity 1st Cameron Fortune Super Specials - Sprint 2nd, Regularity 2nd Doug Morrissey MGC/V8 - Sprint 1st, Regularoty 3rd Peter Jackson MGC/V8 - Sprint 2nd, Regularity 2nd Graeme Ruby MGC/V8 - Sprint 3rd, Regularity 1st Jon McGovern <i>MGF/TF</i> Sprint 1st, Regularity 2nd
Marjorie Halford  <i>MGF/TF</i> Sprint 2nd, Regularity 1st Wilf Dungan  <i>MGF/TF</i> Sprint 3rd, Regularity 3rd Jane Vollebregt Ladies - Sprint 1st, Regularity 1st Jack Almond Youth - Sprint 1st, Regularity 1st Ian Powell Rookies - Sprint 1st, Regularity 1st Ken Price Post 2000 Z Series - Sprint 1st, Regularity 1st (2nd Outright)