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A standard pedestral drill woth a movable vice Some 19mm pine cut to size A paper template for the hole positions Starting to make a recess for the keypad Completed keypad recess Test fitting the kaypad
Using a spirit-level app on my phone to angle the board at 10 degrees Making a recess to hold the LCD display at 10 degrees Checking fit in the plastic case Rear view Test fit the LCD Front view
Box walls made from some 19x45mm pine Tools to make up the internal cables Crimping individual terminals onto the wires Terminals clicked into the connector header Installing cables into the box A bit more routing to make room for the cables
Installing the main circuit board Programming the microcontroller from my laptop Adding more cables Second circuit board to interface to the timing lights Wiring almost complete First full dress rehearsal of the whole system
Start line components Finish line components Kay Thatcher and Brett Herlihy operating the system at Attwood Ric Collett and Brett Herlihy posing by the system Brett pressing the button to show the starter a green light The final system