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GOLD1043 Rock, Shop or Relax - GOLD1043 Rock, Shop or Relax - Dee Dee, Ric & Grubbie after the main prize draw Joy Rainey, presenting the Prescott flag to Rob Roy Ric & Marg getting the obligatory Paris photo Prescott Hill Climb
Pedestrian footbridge over the start straight An MGA on the start line A second timing beam 64 feet after the start Ferraris waiting to compete MGs waiting to compete More MGs
More MGs Joy negotiating to get Ric into the timing box Some of the timing equipment Timer's view of the start line Race control, showing the camera view of the upper track The start line
Joy selling raffle tickets for a ride in a Veyron Orchard corner flag marshals Ettore's Bend. More flag marshals Recovery trailer for cars with small problems Recovery vehicle for cars with big problems Ettore's bend
Terry Drinkwater MGA Coupe Clive Williams MGA Martin Wollacott MGA Tim Read MGA Roadster Christopher England MGA Midget Mike Cole MGB GT